Happy National Pina Colada Day… well for yesterday that is!

I fucking love the smell of Saturday.

I’m so exhausted from my first (half) week back at work.. I literally spent the whole of the last few days moving dimensions on a drawing to make them more legible and making tweaks to annotations.

Fuck my life!

Anyway here we go!

This weekend has been good so far, it was my dad’s birthday so we’ve been celebrating, went up to Soho last night with my uncle Jonah & aunt Christina who came all the way from Northern Ireland for the weekend for a little break and to see us. So it’s been an interesting weekend, I really like having them around. It is so strange how different my dad and his brother are though, my dad is like the ‘geek’ brother if you like, whereas my uncle has seen some rougher times having been two years ahead and having bore the brunt of hardships that would come their way in Hackney in the 70s.

My uncle disappeared for about 17 years not to be heard from until about five years ago when he messaged my dad out the blue, and he was living in the Hague, Netherlands.. So yeah it was weird for me to start with because this guy was more of a ‘myth’ for most of my life and I did not believe he was actually a real person.

So yeah had a few drinks in Piccadilly and a meal up in Chinatown, London, which was great fun!

More to come this weekend – hoping to spend some time continuing to paint the back of my bedroom door later today possibly.. Keep your eyes peeled.



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I got these, society6!


If any of you fellow society6 users out there haven’t yet purchased any if the tote bags or have any idea what they are like, please keep reading to find out a bit about them.


New tote bags bought from my own store at Instantgaram Art society6 store

I’m am very very pleased with the turnout of these bags from society6.

First of all the print quality is exceptional. There is nothing from the original piece missing, and the images are in no way blurry and have no loss in quality.

Furthermore these bags aren’t really tote bags. I mean this in a very good way. They aren’t the flimsy, weak canvas bags you are probably all familiar with. These you could actually trust to carry a whole load of heavy items in. It’s fantastic! 

If you want a great quality reliable bag with the design of a high quality independent artist and product designer, head over to society6 now as you’d find an abundance of this over there.

Good luck! And happy shopping!


I got these, society6!

Several years on he still makes an impression

Been spending most of today working on a demo recording of a song by this man, completely different style. Watch this space, I’m excited for when the band gets back together for another jam. This is going to be so incredible.

  1. Got your mother in a whirl
  2. She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl
  3. Hey babe, your hair’s alright
  4. Hey babe, lets stay out tonight
  5. Stay!
© all rights to owner of the image - David Bowie Aladdin Sane
© all rights to owner of the image – David Bowie Aladdin Sane tour promo shot



Hands blistered &

Tuckered out.


Your Steph

Several years on he still makes an impression

(Please read) thrown in a cell…

Dear fellow bloggers,

I am writing to share with you all an unforgettable experience I had last night.

The story is a short one but I sit here in my cell as you read this reliving the moments in my mind. So, as you know I’m a fan of Greek desserts and pastries, I do bake sometimes for Sandra or other friends. My mother was born in Cyprus you see so its essentially a taste that runs through my veins.

Last night I was approached by three wide-shouldered men. They grabbed me, split me off from my friends, and despite failed attempts to resist, I was driven off in the back of a black sedan. At this point I was physically trembling with fear.

Eventually my fears rationalised when I realised why I was there, and my world came crashing in. We slowed down to a stop outside the local police station. It’s all over. I can’t remember what it was I did, but I knew I was in trouble. Then I find out…

Madam we have taken you into custody on the suspicion of robbery, anything you say may be used against you as evidence in court

By all means laugh, but yes I was taken into police custody  and given a nine year jail sentence for shoplifting from a sweet shop in north London – yes, I’d stolen a large box of baklava. I was drunk with my brother at the time. He didn’t do anything bad or get in any trouble though.

I just remember that moment where it sunk in that I’ll be sitting in this cell for the next 9 years.

University in September is out.
The new band is out.
I’ve been spun out of orbit. Out of normality.

I have nothing.

My hands are shaking.

Enter darkness.



(Please read) thrown in a cell…


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